**The Southland Strategic Plan is located under the "District" menu in the top navigation. **

Students in grades K - 5 have Technology class for two thirty-minute sessions each week.  The curriculum includes skills from using a mouse in Kindergarten to programming a robot and using presentation software in grade 5.  Standards in technology include the following:
1. Create and Innovate - learning draw tools, formatting, presentations
2. Communicate/Collaborate - writing and collaborative projects
3. Research - how to find the right information, keep what's relevant and cite sources
4. Solve/Critical Thinking - using formulas and coding to find the answer or the way to solve a problem
5. Digital Citizenship - being safe online, respecting property and feelings of others
6. Operations and Concepts - general operation and procedures, tools when using technology

Students work on desktop computers in a computer lab and they also use one-to-one iPads.  Many online sources include Typing.com, Code.org and students in grades 2-5 use Google classroom.  Students use Microsoft, Apple and Google products and Spheros.