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Welcome to Southland Elementary Music

Students have either music or technology every day for 30 minutes in a 3/2 ratio, respectively. That is, in a week, they will have 3 days of Music and 2 days of Technology. As always, please contact me if you have any questions. A good time to reach me at school is before 8:00 and or after 3 and during the day from 11:20 - 12:40.

Mrs. Laura Freund
Southland Elementary School
200 Water Street
Adams, MN
(507) 582-3568

Links to Concert videos
Spring Concert, Grades K, 1, 2   Click the link
Spring Concert, Grades 3, 4, 5   Click the link

Spring Concerts - daytime only; Public is invited, please enter at front doors.
April 25 2:00 p.m. featuring Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2 in the auditorium.  Grades 1 & 2 will perform a mini-musical "Best Pet Show Ever!"
May 5 2:00 p.m. Grades 3, 4 and 5 with 5th Grade Band in the auditorium.  These students will feature learning from their year in Music.
We hope you can come and enjoy these performances!

Winter Concert   (click the link to the left) 
December 1, 2022  1:15 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. for Grades K, 1 and 2, and 7:00 for Grades 3, 4, 5 in the Auditorium. There will be a brief pause after the younger students' segment to shift audience if needed before the older students begin at 7. That part will feature 4th grade recorders, 5th grade Band and grades 3, 4 and 5 will present a mini-musical "Old Man Winter's Icicle Follies." The daytime performance is open to the public and follows the same order however elementary students are included in the audience, sitting upstairs in the balcony.

Music for the Contemporary Listener
These links are for the High School Class, "Music for the Contemporary Listener."  Links are organized by weeks with the first lesson at the bottom and working upward.
1. Scott Joplin "The Entertainer"
2. Scott Joplin "Maple Leaf Rag"
3. A Video about Ragtime

1. Video about Cultural Appropriation
2. PBS Video about Cultural Appropriation
2. Video about Blues - a Documentary
3. Video about Music Theory
4. Bessie Smith O Death
5. Cannon Jug Stompers Walk Right In
6. Dr. Hook Walk Right In
7. Big MamaThornton Hound Dog
8. Elvis Presley Hound Dog

1. Video about Spirituals
2. Call and Response Hoe Emma, Hoe
3. Song about Freedom
4. Code in songs - Video Underground Railroad
5. Ostinato & rhythmic accompaniment/ also a code song  Wade in the Water


 Week 8 Modernism & 20th Century Music
1. Intro to Modern Music
2. Stravinsky "Firebird"
3. Mahler "Symphony No. 5 Adgietto"  (4th movement)
4. Poulenc Concert Champetre III (for harpsichord) An example of Neo-Baroque
5. Schoenberg Concerto for Piano and Orchestra
6. Copland  "Hoedown" from Rodeo
7. Copland  Appalachian Spring  "Simple Gifts"
8. Copland  Billy the Kid 

Week 6 Impressionist Music
1. Intro to Impressionist Music
2. Impressionist Art

3. Debussy The Girl With the Flaxen Hair    Claire de Lune  Symphony: Prélude à  l'aprés-midi d'un Faune
4. Ravel  Bolero    Pavane for a Dead Princess
5. Albeniz Asturias (classical guitar)  Tango (piano)  Suite Iberia  (orchestral)

Week 5 Romantic Period
1. Intro to Romantic Era Part I
2. Intro to Romantic Era Part II
3. Grieg: from Peer Gynt Suite  In the Hall of the Mountain King  and Morning

4. Brahms  Lullabye   and Hungarian Dance No. 5
5. Lizst  Leibestraum No. 1
6. Chopin  Nocturne in E flat Major
7. Wagner Ride of the Valkyries and Bridal Chorus from Lohengrin
8. Verdi
9. Dvorak
10. Tchaikovsky
11. Strauss
Week 4 Classical Period
1. Intro to Classical Part I
2. Intro to Classical Part II
3. Another video about Classical Period for the curious
4. Mozart Variations on Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
5. Mozart Requiem  (one movement only)
6. Mozart Eine Kleine Nachtmuzik
7. Haydn Surprise Symphony
8. Haydn Symphony #94 in F# minor
9. Haydn Sonata D Major, Allegro
10. Beethoven "Fur Elise" 
11. Beethoven "Moonlight Sonata"
12. Beethoven 5th Symphony - a theme you have heard
13. Beethoven theme in Disco interpretation

Week 3 Baroque Period
1. Intro to Baroque Part I
2. Intro to Baroque Part II
3. Keep Calm and Listen to Bach - a playlist to study by
4. Scarlatti  "Sonata in D major K119"  &  "Sonata in D major KK214"
5. Vivaldi  "Four Seasons"
6. Handel  "Water Music"  The Messiah
7. Monteverdi  Magnificat  Opera:  L'Orfeo
8. VENN Pachelbel's "Canon in D"
9. VENN Maroon 5's  "Memories"
10. Bach Violin Concertos
11. Baroque Painting
12. Baroque Sculpture & Architecture

Week 2 Renaissance
1. Bubonic Plague
2. Intro to Renaissance
3. Kyrie by Palestrina
4.Credo by Byrd
5. Agnus Dei by Obrecht
6. Venn Diagram:  Palestrina "Magnificat" and Whitacre "Lux Arumque"
7. Instruments of the Renaissance
8. Examples of instruments
9. Dance Music for a Castle
10. John Dowland Lute and Harpsichord
11. A Madrigal "Now is the Month of Maying
12. Renaissance Art
Week 1 Early Music - Middle Ages
1. Music of the Middle Ages Part 1
2. Gregorian Chant
3.Organum example
4. Music of the Middle Ages Part 2
5. Discussion:  "Night on Bald Mountain" - Mussorgsky
 Puis qu’en oubli (R18)
6.Machaut Rondeau 14  a palindrome "My End is My Beginning"
7. A Navaho Healing Chant for Venn Diagram
8. Gregorian chant for Venn Diagram




Contact: Laura Freund