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Eagle Bluff Dates:
April 30th - May 2nd 2018

Wednesday November 29th cookie dough orders are coming in!

35 students sold 632 boxes of cookie dough, which is really going to help us with our Eagle Bluff fees. The students worked very hard and did a great job. Of course, a big thanks to the parents for all of your help and support. Now we have one step left: pick-up and distribute!

Cookie dough pick-up is Wednesday, November 29th from 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm in the Southland Middle School/High School AP room (cafeteria). You and your 7th grader need to report to the AP room during this time and someone will be available to assist you in picking up your order.

NO COOKIE DOUGH WILL BE ALLOWED TO GO HOME ON THE BUS. If you are unable to pick up on this day and/or time you will need to make arrangements with someone else to get it picked up and refrigerated until it can be delivered. It is YOUR responsibility to get the cookie dough delivered and/or refrigerated right away.

We will have the parent/guardian/pick up person sign saying that the cookie dough they picked up is correct and complete. Please check your order before you leave. Once you sign, the cookie dough becomes your responsibility.

If you have any questions please contact Katie McIntyre at 507-582-3568 or kmcintyre@isd500.k12.mn.us .

                                    Thanks for all of you continued help and support!

                                                Have a great Thanksgiving.

                                                            Southland Middle School 7th Graders

Contact: Katie McIntyre