**The Facilities Calendar is located under the "Calendars" menu in the top navigation. **

Daily Class Schedule:
8:15-9:02 1st Hour: 7th Grade Math
9:05-9:52 2nd Hour: 6th Grade Math
9:55-10:42 3rd Hour: 8th Grade Math
10:45-11:35 4th Hour: Prep Hour
11:35-12:00 Lunch
12:03-12:30 Rebels (Homeroom)
12:33-1:20 6th Hour: Study Hall
1:23-2:10 7th Hour: 6th Grade MN History
2:13-3:00 8th Hour: 6th Grade Math

**Please note that the scheudle times will change on Religious Release Days, 2-hour Late Starts, and Early Release Days

Contact: Katie McIntyre