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Southland celebrates National FFA Week: February 22nd - 29th

President               Elizabeth Thome

Vice President      Brant Bissen

Treasurer              Karter Jax

Secretary              Hattie Wiste

Reporter               Kiyanna Meyer

Sentinel                 Brody Canterbury

Advisor                 Mr. Kevin Brown


FFA Week  Feb. 22nd – 29th  


Monday:  Pajama dress up day

Tuesday: Wear your favorite Hat day

Wednesday: Denim Day

Thursday:  FFA Pride Day

-Brat cookout during all lunches 11:00 -12:15 ( open to public)

Friday:  Drive your snowmobile to school day



*Chapter activities this past year.

Membership: 59 chapter members

Mower County Fair: swine, dairy, beef, sheep and mechanics and crop exhibits, barnyard helpers, ADA milk stand

State Fair:  Mechanic exhibits, general and dairy judging teams, Sheep

Fundraisers:  Annual Fruit sales in fall, Corn drive, Donkey Basketball,   Brat cook outs, FFA raffle, Chicken fry, Milk machine

Community service: Food shelf donations, Breakfast on the Farm, Corn Drive, barnyard at fair, town celebrations, farm safety promotions, baseball bench construction, Ironwood Springs donations , ADA milkshake stand, School projects

Fun activities: Snow tubing, Skiing, recreation after meetings


2019- 2020 Team and individual events

Poultry: Savanah Tabor

Meats: Dawson Sorenson, Wade Pederson, Cody Sayles, Isaac Swenson, Logan Fasbender

Dairy:  Greg Crumb, Cody Sayles, Cameron Ruechel, Noah Sayles, Logan Fasbender

Horse:  Alexis Rehaume, Damarion Thompson, Myiah Wagner , Alanna Wagner

Forestry:  Aiden Kiefer, Sean Humphrey, Nick Kiefer

Gen. Livestock:  Brody Canterbury, Andrew Timm, Ella Thome, Katie Thome, Isaac Swenson

Landscaping: TBD

Floriculture: Maddy Bhend, Kylie Stafford, Ella Thome

Dairy Foods: Autumn Brown, Cameron Ruechel, Logan Fasbender, Cody Sayles

Ag. Mech.: Karter Jax, Brant Bissen, Alec Bissen

State Degree Applicants: Autumn Brown

Regional Profieciency applicants

Alec Bissen- Agricultural Mechanics and repair-1st gold

Brant Bissen- Diversified Livestock- 1st gold

Brody Canterbury- Dairy Placement- 2nd gold

Karter Jax- Diversified Agriculture- 1st gold

Ella Thome- Agricultural  Sales – 1st gold

Ella Thome- Swine placement- 1st gold

Dawson Sorenson- Agricultural Fabrication- 2nd  gold

American Degree recipient: Morgan Brown


Southland FFA Chapter members in School

8th grade

 Domarion Thompson, Myia Wagner, Alanna Wagner, Alexis Rehuame, Andrew Timm, Ethan Payne, Haylea Swenson, Dan Krell, Luka young, Jessie Hanson, Jonas Wiste, Jakob Stroup, Maciah

Miller, Katelyn McCabe, Travis Kirtz, Riley Jax

9th grade

Greg Crumb, Logan Fasbender, Aidan Kiefer, Katie Thome, Isaac Swenson, Cody Sayles, Nick Kiefer, Conner Karaek, Sean Humphrey

10th Grade

Olivia Matheis, Cole Sheely, Rachel Heller, Hattie Wiste, Kiyanna Meyer, Maddy Bhend, Alizha Kapper, Cole Sheely, Jaselyn Sathre

11th grade

Ella Thome, Karter Jax, James Mullenbach, Brody Canterbury, Alec Bissen, Sean Langoneire, Brant Bissen, Noah Sayles, Dawson Sorenson, Larissa Goslee, Wayde Pederson,

12th grade

Autumn Brown, Savannah Tabor


Graduate members

Morgan Brown, Auna Koenigs, Tyler Jax, Maddie Smith, Jeremy Heller, Jenna Bentzin, Taylor Bhend, Cierra Ulwelling, Erin Hanson, Rachel Meany, Owen Smith, Nikoli Yudin


2019-2020 Southland FFA Officer Team

The 2019 -2020 Southland FFA officer team.

Hattie Wiste, Ella Thome, Kiyanna Meyer,

Brody Canterbury, Karter Jax, Brant Bissen


2019 Winter Leadership Day

Winter Leadership day participants

Autumn Brown, Ella Thome, Karter Jax, Haylea Swenson, Brody Canterbury, Katie Thome, Brant Bissen, Alec Bissen, Dawson Sorenson, Andrew Timm, Ethan Payne






2019 Mower County Fair

2019 Mower County Fair

Isaac Swenson- Champion FFA beef heifer






2019 Farm Bureau Fall Meeting

Farm Bureau Fall Meeting

Katie Thome, Marlin Fay ( Farm Bureau President), Ella Thome, Kiyanna Meyer




2019 FFA Meats Team

FFA Meats Team

Isaac Swenson, Dawson Sorenson, Cody Sayles, Wayde Pederson, Logan Fasbender