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Southland Agriculture receives 2 Grants for new welders.
Ag Wleders from Grant
The Southland Agriculture Department just received 5 new Millermatic muti-purpose welders that will compliment the new welding stations in Adams. Mr. Brown the Agriculture Instructor was able to obtain them from two different grant sources to update the Agriculture welding area. Pictured is Mr. Brown and the new welders are blue and very compact. One grant was from Carl Perkins which allowed him to purchase 4 welders and the 5th welder was from a Compeer financial grant.  These new welders have the ability to perform MIG, TIG and arc welding which makes them very versatile. Each welder is state of art and is digital and will even tell students what their settings should be if they know the thickness of the material they are welding. These new machines will help compliment the new welding tables and hoods in the welding area that were performed with the remodel.