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Setting up your Parent Portal Account

Parents of students enrolled in Southland Schools have access to class schedules, attendance records, and
grades information through the Parent Portal from any device with Internet access. The portal is an easy to use, secure
communications tool.

Ensure you have access to your student's report cards and schedule, attendance, and assignment grades information by
activating your Campus Portal Account. You will simply need to complete the following steps.

1) On a web browser, log onto the Parent Portal site found here:  ParentPortal

2) Click on "New User?"

3) Enter your Activation code - You can get this from your school's office.

4) Create your account.


Once you have your account created, you can either continue to use the website to access your account, or you can use the ParentPortal App, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, or the Apple App Store.


More info about the App can he found here :  Infinite Campus Students & Parents

If you have any questions on viewing your child's information, please reach out to the Administrative Offices.