Southland Elementary Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO)

The Southland Elementary Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO), established in 2001, is an independent group of parents and teachers who volunteer for various events and activities that support the educational and developmental goals of Southland Elementary School.  They primarily sponsor fund raising efforts to provide the school with materials, equipment, building updates, technology and many other items that would not find funding by other means.

PTO meetings are held the second Wednesday of every month, with special meetings as needed. All parents and teachers of Southland elementary students are invited to join. Discussion is informal and open to all who attend the meetings. A strong, committed membership is needed to sustain a vital group. 

PTO has raised thousands of dollars through the years to fund numerous projects.  One cannot walk the halls or even enter the building without seeing the special touches of the PTO.  Here’s a partial list:
  • Outdoor landscaping , playground equipment, building improvements
  • Technology – Smartboards, response and microphone systems, digital cameras, robotics program
  • Classroom – books for students, money towards snack cart, field trip funds, reward parties, a student yearbook and others
  • Events for families and students such as the Spring Carnival, BINGO night, Santa’s Workshop, Art Show, and Movie night
  • Support for Teachers- by granting teacher’s wishlists, teacher appreciation week and providing meals during conferences

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PTO is set up with a Chair, Co-chair, treasurer, secretary and voting members.  On occasion a decision may be reached by the voting board through consensus if an urgent matter arises or details must be decided upon. The principal is also has a key presence at meetings.  He often suggests ways the PTO can be effective, helps them do just that, and also carries communications throughout the district.

Chair - Chris Weis (email)
Co-chair - Tauna Juenger (email)
Treasurer - Sherry Klein (email)
Secretary - Jill Felten (email)
Voting Member - Lesley Heimer (email)
Voting Member - Susan Lagerstedt (email)
Voting Member - Kelli Krebsbach (email
Principal - Brian Schoen (email)