Southland School District, Safe Learning Plan updated 6/4/2021 : Link to File

The Southland School District is seeking public comment on their updated “Safe Learning Plan.” Feedback from students, parents, school staff, and community members will be taken into account as the plan is updated for the 2021-2022 school year.
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Construction Project Updates

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To All Southland Residents, Students, Parents and Staff,

      We are very excited to soon have you visit our newly remodeled school in the upcoming days and weeks, or whenever current guidelines will allow that to occur. The renovations provide an incredible improvement to our learning environment, and we think you will be pleased with the upgrades this project provides.

     As with any project like this, the term “finished” has some qualifications. While the building will very soon be ready for use in all aspects of our programing, there are always a number of remaining items to complete. Whenever you first visit, you may seem some minor unfinished tasks of various natures, such as a damaged floor tile, missing piece of trim, or a scratch on the wall. The entire building is being examined from top to bottom to be sure that design and quality expectations have been met. Contractors do not receive final payments until all these items are complete, which in some cases may extend out as far as MEA break or even Christmas. In nearly 100% of these cases, the issues are cosmetic in nature, and do not in any way compromise the safety or functionality of the programs, staff and/or students.

     Therefore, as you’re allowed visit in the future, please bear with some items that are still being addressed while you enjoy the overall exciting new K-12 Southland School building. Thanks for your support and patience, it is greatly appreciated!


On behalf of the Southland School Board and Administration

Bruce Klaehn

Southland School Construction Representative

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