Southland School District plans to begin an In-Person Learning Model for all PreK-12 students on January 11th. Wednesdays through April 1st will continue to be Flexible Learning Days. Click here for more information

***Southland Schools will be closed today, January 15th 2021.***

Kelli Krebsbach


My name is Kelli Krebsbach. I am one of the kindergarten teachers at Southland Elementary School. I have been teaching at Southland since 2004. I taught third grade my first two years and then moved to kindergarten in 2006.

I graduated from Southland High School in 2000 and then went on to Winona State University.  Where I earned my degree in  elementary education (K-6) with pre-primary  in 2004.  
                                                              Good Times to Reach Me:
          9:15-10:00Mrs. Kelli Krebsbach

     How to Contact Me:
     Phone Number: 437-3241 extension 3101