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Veterans' Day Program (Update)
Nov. 10 at 9:00 a.m. at Southland Elementary in Rose Creek.  Everyone is invited to join us as we honor and thank our veterans.  We extend a special invitation to our local veterans. Special guests include members of the American Legion of Adams.  Classes to present musical selections are grades 1, 3 & 4. (Schmitz, Arens, Klein and Lamp - Remaining classes will have a program later in the year.)
Veterans’ Day will be celebrated at Southland Elementary on Nov. 10, and we would like to honor veterans who are connected to our students by showing a slideshow and hanging posters about these servicemen and women. We do still have slides of those veterans submitted in previous years to Southland elementary and also to Mrs. Stephenson last year. If you are new to our school or have new information, you can either email classroom teachers or bring pictures in to be scanned.  Due by Monday, November 6th

Information to include: 
Years of life: birth (death)
Photo – preferable in uniform
Branch of Service
War served if applicable
Relation to Southland  (e.g. student’s uncle, Southland grad of __ year, etc.)