Aug-Sept                                  FAST Benchmark                            Elementary/MSHS

October 16                               PSAT (optional)                               Grade 11

October                                    FAST Benchmark                            Elementary/MSHS

December                                FAST Benchmark                            Elementary/MSHS

February                                  FAST Benchmark                           Elementary/MSHS

March                                       MCA   Reading/Math                     Grade 3-5

March                                       MCA   Reading/Math                     Grade 6-8, 10, 11

April 4                                       ACT                                               Grade 11

April                                          MCA Science                                  Grade 5, 8, 10

Late April                                  FAST Benchmark                            Elementary/MSHS

Late April                                 Accuplacer                                      Grades 10-11

Late April                                 CLEP and AP Exams                      Grades 11-12


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