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Southland School District Survey Results

Fall 2017


POC Finance Committee Minutes

Finance Powerpoint - January 17, 2018

Identified Needs


If we do nothing and maintain the status quo, Southland’s current projected SOD is fiscal year 2021-22. When a district spends more money than it takes in (deficit spending) and reaches a percentage of debt precisely defined by state statute (2 ½ %), it enters Statutory Operating Debt (SOD). Under state law, the district is then subject to years of severe budget restrictions. If the restrictions are not followed, it also risks losing state aid or in extreme cases dissolvent of the district.
To cover the entire projected annual deficit an amount equivalent to 8.5 full-time teachers would need be cut.
• Today’s savings by closing the elementary school total $510,770. This number will continue to rise due to inflation and current staff wages.

Declining Enrollment

• Enrollment has declined at a steady rate dropping from 554 in 2010 to 440 in 2017.
• This is primarily due to the decrease in live births per family within the district.
• Net loss of students due to open enrollment has decreased from 51 in 2013-14 to 38 in 2016-17.


Current facilities have been well maintained but big projects have been deferred due to lack of available funding.
• Estimated total to repair current facility issues in the MS/HS building is $7,462,672.00. This includes:
HVAC, plumbing, electrical
Building envelope (roofing, tuck pointing, exterior entrance, etc.)
Site projects (sidewalk repair, drainage, lighting)
Interior finishes
• In addition, the elementary school identified needs totaling $1,640,887. This cost would be avoided with the closing of the elementary school.


• Modernizing equipment will give students an advantage moving to postsecondary or the workforce and create a safer learning environment.
• Creating a flexible learning environment for our wide variety of programs will support diverse teacher and student learning needs.

Safety and Security

• The MN Department of School Safety performed an audit of all three buildings within the district and indicated the following concerns:
Main concern – the need for secure entries
Off street drop-off areas for bussing and parents
Additional cameras in back hallways and entryway
Signage to direct people in emergency situations